Friday, November 2, 2007

Great Voices - Richa Sharma

Remember the goosebumps you had when you heard Maula Mere Karam in Khakee , Mahi Ve from Kaante or Ni Mein Samajh Gayee from Taal. That's Richa Sharma for you.

Subash K Jha had said something very interesting when he was writing about Richa Sharma - "That she is one of the ladies whose voice goes against the Lata Mangeshkar model of singing". While I have nothing against Lataji's voice being used for heroines (Not in the 90's with the exception of Lekin), Mr. Jha's comments just hit the nail on its head. Richa Sharma represents the bold Indian woman's voice which is full of strength and character.

List of Richa Sharma Songs here

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