Friday, November 2, 2007

Wunderbar Song - Surmai Shaam from Lekin

Not a week goes by without a delta increase in my fascination for the nuances of this song or my respect for Suresh Wadkar. This is he song which really de-stresses me and takes me to a place where I canfeel & enjoy music and nothing else.

The musical interludes are not memorable. The sheer melody in this song is what captivates you. Lyrics is anoher story altogether - bordering on metaphysical love. Has to be What else can you have when the movie has a man-loves-ghost storyline. I have spent endless minutes admiring the genius of Gulzar who came up with "Jaise khushboo nazar se chhoo jaaye! Saans lete hain jis tarah saaye! "

Link to mp3

Surmayii shyaam is tharah aaye
Saans lete hai jis tarah saaye (Surmayii)

Koi aahat nahin badan ki kahin
Phir bhi lagthaa hai thu yahin hai kahin
Waqt aaya sunaayi detaa hai
Tera saayaa dikhaayi detaa hai
Jaise khushboo nazar se chhoo jaaye!
Saans lete hain jis tarah saaye!

Din ka jo bhi pehal guzartha hai
Koi ehasaan saa utharthaa hai
Waqt ke paanw dekhthaa hun mem
Roz yeh chaal dekhthaa hun mem
Haaye jaise koi bahaar aaye
Saans lete hai jis tarah saaye (Surmayii).

Great Voices - Richa Sharma

Remember the goosebumps you had when you heard Maula Mere Karam in Khakee , Mahi Ve from Kaante or Ni Mein Samajh Gayee from Taal. That's Richa Sharma for you.

Subash K Jha had said something very interesting when he was writing about Richa Sharma - "That she is one of the ladies whose voice goes against the Lata Mangeshkar model of singing". While I have nothing against Lataji's voice being used for heroines (Not in the 90's with the exception of Lekin), Mr. Jha's comments just hit the nail on its head. Richa Sharma represents the bold Indian woman's voice which is full of strength and character.

List of Richa Sharma Songs here

Great Voices - Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

The nephew of the Great Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Nusrat saab had sort of coached him as the one to carry on his lineage. The man leaves his mark on every number he sings - he ends lending a lot of credibility to the music & hence the movie.

A walkthrough of his filmi songs (Song title links are direct links to the MP3s - Courtesy fmw11):

Paap - Mann Ki Lagan & Laal (Alaap)

Kalyug - Jiya Dhadak Dhadak and Tujh Dekh Dekh

Omkara - Naina Thagh Lenge

Namastey London - Main Jahaan Rahoon - Normal , DJ Akbar Sami Remix (Ugh!!!) & Mehfil Mix (With Krishna) - The mehfil Mix has Javed Akhtar reciting poetry in addition to the voices of Rahat & Krishna.
Jhoom Barabar Jhoom - Bol Na Halke Halke (With Mahalaxmi Iyer)
Om Shanthi Om - Jag Soona Soona Lage (With Richa Sharma)
Aaja Nachle - O Re Piya

Rahat has also done vocals for Apocalypto & Four Feathers. I guess his solo album Rahat could have made a bigger impact on the world music scene i it had a better producer. Laga Rog Wachhoray Da had so much promise...

Amit Varma of India Uncut met the man himself (link)
What he did with the form of the qawaali. “Unhone ek guldasta banaaya,” says Rahat. “Usme qawwali, thumri, ghazal, muktalif kism ki musical forms ko shaamil kiya.” Nusrat made a bouquet of musical styles, but unlike what the purists say, he did not compromise while doing that. “Everthing he did retained the flavour of qawwali,” says Rahat. The essence of his music, in other words, drew from the same spiritual yearning that marks out qawwali music


Another great voice which will possibly remain muted thanks to the regional language lines - Hans Raj Hans
Hans Raj Hans and Rahat singing Sili Sili Aundhi Yeh Hawa.
Versions : Hans Raj Hans, Naseebo Lal & Toshi Sabri

What is an Urban Thumri?

I owe my vague sounding blog moniker to the OST of the movie Let's Talk.

I have seldom heard rich sonic tapestries like what I heard in that movie.The movie is guilty of making me want to understand and love Indian semi-classical music ( Shudh Hindustani music is a little too heavy for my liking and at this point I also lack the patience, knowledge and hence the capability to discern between a self-indulgent musician's meandering and a soulful heartfelt rendering)

Snippet of music from the movie here and here. Some good notes about the OST here. An interview with the Music Director (Ram Sampath) here (mp3)

Fabulous Soundtrack... Pity I have it on Audio tape and not on CD.